Best Deal For Each Day of The Week

Written by: TheCardScout Staff

best days for shopping

A closely held secret of the best deal seekers is that there some days of the week are better than others for your purchases. By knowing what day of the week has the best deal for different types of things you’re looking to purchase you can make the most of your shopping.


Christmas shopping can be a daunting task if you aren’t prepared to shop around for the best bargains for the items on your list. Cyber Monday is a great way for you to save money and shop from the convenience of your own home. On December 1st this year you can log onto your favorite retailer websites and find amazing bargains on any gift you’re thinking of purchasing for your friends and family.

Unless you’ve worked at a restaurant before, you might not know that Mondays are typically their slowest day of the week. To get over the slump in sales many restaurants offer specials on Mondays to entice hungry diners to come in and try them out. Keep your eyes open for signs in windows, restaurant websites, and for ads in the paper that will tell you how to score a delicious meal for cheap.


One of the most expensive parts of booking your next holiday is the airfare. Airlines have worked out complicated algorithms that let them know when most people purchase airfare and they boost the prices on those days. Recent studies by travel blogs have found that statistically Tuesday, specifically Tuesday afternoon around 3pm, is the best time for you to look for a plane ticket. Another trick is that actually flying out on Tuesday is the cheapest day to for you to start your trip.

If you love pizza as much as I do, chances are you already know that Tuesday is the best day to order a pizza. In recent years big chains like Dominos and Pizza Hut have run specials on Tuesday for a 2 for 1 deal. Not only is pizza delicious but this is a great way to feed the whole family a meal they’ll love for less than it will cost you to make a meal at home.


Wednesday is a great day to head to the cinema and catch the latest films. There are many special prices you can take advantage of, such as a 2 for 1 movie ticket for Orange/EE customers. You can also get the same offer if you are a broadband customer.

Grab a megabus ticket on Wednesdays for no more than a fiver for travel anywhere on English and Welsh bus routes on Sid or Megabus. Megabus is already one of my favorite cheap ways to travel but this is a fantastic excuse to head out on Wednesday and look for some new sights.


If you’re in the market for a new car you might have noticed that going to a dealer on the weekend can be a frighteningly stressful ordeal. A big part of that is the crowds of people looking at cars. Many people can’t head out on a weekday to shop for a new car and without people competing to purchase a new car you can flex your negotiation skills and the dealer is more likely to work with you.

If you’re looking for a night out on the town, Thursdays are a great day to look for promotions at nightclubs and bars. Many nightclubs are pushing to get their weekend started early by offering free admission and deep discounts on drinks so if you’re willing to go to work Friday after a late night Thursday could  be the best day of the week to go out.


Black Friday has been a shopping event the US for many years which has been adopted by UK retailers and there is no sign of it stopping soon. Some of the best deals of the year on the hottest gift items can be found on November 28th.

Many clothing retailers begin their sales on Fridays and if you can get out early you can beat the crowds and find the best deals. If you can’t manage to head to the store on Friday don’t despair, the deals run through the weekend.


Going to the cinema with a young child can be a daunting task, but Odeon has kid friendly films every Saturday and Sunday morning from only £2.50. The films may not be the newest release, but this is a great way for you to enjoy a film with your little one. Cineworld and Vue cinemas also run specials for children on second run movies.


My family had a tradition of going out to lunch after church on Sundays and I only understood why when I was older. Many restaurants run lunch specials where kids eat free. Crown Carveries, La Tasca, and Tony Romas all have amazing specials for you and let your children eat for free. You get to enjoy a nice meal and your kid gets to eat for free, you can’t do much better than that!